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Tree Care

Metro All Tree Services offers a full range of specialist services.


Pruning & Crown Reduction

Many trees grow to varying heights and widths with great variation in each species. It may become necessary to prune or reduce the crown of large trees around your home or on your property. This is a task for trained experts. By expertly pruning or reducing the crowns of large trees, risks from falling limbs or contact to buildings, electric wires and fences can be eliminated. Trees can be trimmed to ensure proportionally they enhance the buildings and properties where located.


Confined Spaces Specialty

Metro All Tree Services are expert in performing all tree works in confined or difficult spaces. Equipped and experienced, you can be confident that Metro will complete the job with no risk of damage.


Mulching/Chipping Service

All foliage of pruned and removed trees is mulched on site. Customers are more than welcome to keep what is mulched upon request. Metro All Tree Services can also come to you and chip trees, foliage and branches that you have removed yourself.


Free Mulch

We can also donate the mulch to local schools or surrounding community facilities free of charge.


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